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1.A.break B.clean C.heat D.peace

2.A.father B.Neither C.thief D.thus

3.A.bear B.hear C.pear D.wear

4.A.button B.excuse C.use D.music

5.A.allow B.below C.brown D.powder


6.—Was the gentleman's name David?

—No.I don't think so, but______.go on,please.

A.many thanks B.never mind

C.not at all D.I'd like to

7. Our manager is not in right now. Can I ______a message?

A.Leave B.Give C.Take D.write

8.George ought to have arrived ______this time.

A.during B.by C.in D. on

9.Once Johnny starts painting a picture, he won't stop until it .

A.is finished B.was finished

C.had been finished D.will be finished

10. The girl is waiting for her aunt on______side of the road.

A.other B. another C.the other D.one other

11.I never seem to have any time.______with my parents.

A.spend B.spent C.having spent D.to spend

12.—The story is too hard to understand.

—Yes,it's short and there aren't many new words in it.

A.since B.though C.if D.because

13.— will John get to the company?

—In three hours.

A. How fast B.How long C. How often D. How soon

14 They all looked so happy. They______have succeeded after so many failures.

could B.would C.should D.must

15.I came across this old book while I______my room .

A. clean B.was cleaning C.have cleaned D.will clean

16.Tom is______than George ,but John is the ______of the three.

A.tallest,taller B.tall taller C.taller,tallest D.taller,tall

17.The teacher asked all the students in the class to keep their eyes ______for a minute.

A. Close B.to close C.closed D.closing

18.In the last five years the city______out rapidly in all directions.

A.spread B.to close C.closed D.Closing

19.I think Vic feels surprised by the fact______I’m smarter than he is.

A.why B.that C.when D.which

20.A good teacher must be______too strict too weak.

A.either;or B.not only;but also C.neither;nor D.both;and


In the past,l always thought that being a teacher was an easy job. But I changed my 21 When I became a par-time teacher. About four years ago, Richard asked me 22 could help teach his students how to make a website about themselves. I 23 because computer is what Ido well and ' didn't think teaching computer would be that 24.

But when I taught Richard's class, some of the students 25 with their friends while I was explaining how to do something. At first I just got angry with them,26 Richard taught me to think why they were doing this. He said that if he was 27 a lesson and the students were not listening, then he was angry with 28 for not making the lesson clear or interesting for them. I told him that I didn't 29 his idea. He then asked me if I had ever 30 the same thing.That made me stop. Of course I had!

If any of my past teachers are 31 this,I want to say sorry if I sometimes played around in the class 32 you were teaching. I didn't think how that would make you feel. I promise I will do my best to be a good.33 in the future. Please help us when we don't understand and most 34 ,don't be quick to be angry when we fail.35 of us are perfect but with your help we can be successful.

A.plan B.mindc. C.hoice D.decision

22.A.whether B.why c.where D.when

23.A.admitted B.failed C.obeyedg D.agreed

24.A.dangerous B.hard C.Interestin D.wise

25.A.chatted B.Worked C.performed D.travelled

26.A.or B.for C.but D.And

27.A.taking B.leaning C.teaching D.preparing

28.A.itself B. himself C.them D.me

29.A.exchange B.know C.like D.receive

A.done B.said C.accepted D.thought

A.saying B.meaning C.writing D.reading

A.since B.until c.after D. when

33.A.worker B.businessman C.student D.engineer

A.seriously B.importantly C.surprisingly D.probably

A.All B.Any C.Most D.None



When I was at school, our teacher told the class You are what you eat. "My friends and Iwould laugh and call each other " hamburger" (汉堡)and " biscuits". Our teacher was trying toshow us the importance of eating the right food to stay healthy.

This was 30 years ago when there were big movements to make British people healthier. Westzuted to eat boiled potatoes instead of French fries and drink fat-free milk instead of whole milk.At first I felt my potatoes had no taste at all. But after a while I started to prefer healthier foodbecause I felt stronger and I didn't get sick so often.

So we agree that you become what you eat. Do you know what your friends eat just by lookingat them? When you know the effects of different types of food, you can use your knowledge well and eat what you want to become.

Food has been so important to our health. Everyone has their own advice to give, which theyhave read about or have been told by older people. However, some of these pieces of advice seemto disagree with each other. For example, some say . Eating chocolate makes you fat . whileothers say Chocolate contains the important minerals(矿物质) like iron and magnesium(镁). "Infact, what we need to find out is what type of chocolate to eat and how much of it to eat.

36. What did the teacher mean by You are what you eat in Paragraph 1?

A.It's fun to be called hamburger or biscuits.

B.Your health depends on what you eat,

C.It's important to eat what you like.

D. Your life looks like what you eat,

37. Which of the follwing does the author probably like now?

A. Whole milk. B. Fried chicken.c. French fries. D. Boiled potatoes.

38. What is the author's opinion on advice?

A. Refuse it if you don't like it.

B. Consider it when making your decision.

C. Accept it if you have read about it.

D. Pass it to your friends.


Nancy wanted to make good use of her spare time. So she decided to work for thederdog. For the past several years, she has been putting her experience and energy to help a disadvantaged (条件差的) high school student.

Naney knew that her knowledge would be best shared in a one-to-one situation. She foundher perfet match in Operation Jump Start( OJS).

OJS was founded in 1994 in Long Beach, California, with the-goal of helping studentsreach for higher education. It pairs students with experienced volunteers (志愿者) , andprovides them with workshops on writing, leadership development, and guided tours of variouscolleges.

Since its start, OJS has helped 80 students graduate from high school, with 95 percentmoving on to higher education.

Nancy and the girl, Yanira, spent most of their time on school work. Together the two often went to museums, zoos, the movies, and concerts; they even sangin the school holidayshow together!

"I know r'm not like anyone else in Yanira's life," Nancy says, " It's been great to get to know her and to watch her change, grow, and learn. "

Much to Naney's exeitement, Yanira plans to attend John Jay College in New York City,E EX where Nancy's father taught for his whole life. . These days I share her dream, and if she gets accepted I hope to travel to New York with her and show her around," Nancy says.

The word "underdog" in Paragraph l probably refers to______

A. students who need help to succeed

B. dogs that are not liked by their ownersz

C.smart high school students

D. poor company workers


40.What is Operation Jump Start ( OJS) in the text?

A. It's a company providing jobs for people like Nancy.

B. It's an organization helping high school students.

C. It's a school teaching leadership skills.

D. It's a program training volunteers.

41. Who is Yanira in the story?

A.A volunteer OJS supported.

B.A teacher from John Jay College.

C. A student Nancy helped.

D. A relative of Nancy's.

42. According to the text, Nancy feels great to see Yarura

A. sing in the holiday show

B. travel to New York

C. go to college

D. make progress


A world like no other- perhaps this is the best way to desribe the world of the ranforest.No ranforest is the same yet most ranforests can be found in the small land area 22.5 degrees north and 22.5 degrees south of the Equator ( diй). You can find rinforests ind South America and Indonesia. Other ranforests exist furher from the Equator, in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Rainforests havea great role to play in supporing the world. They are home to a rich variety of plants, birds and animals. Can you believe that 480 varieties of trees may be foundin just one hectare (21) of rainforest? These forests have around 50% of all the plants,birds and animals on Earth.

Rainforests have their own perfect way for living, The tall trees make a huge umbrella ofbranches and leaves which protect themselves, smaller plants, and the forest animals fromheavy rain, dry heat from the sun and strong winds. Rainforest trees grow in such a way thattheir leaves and branches , although close together, never actually touch those of another tree.Scientists think this is a way to prevent the spread of any tree diseases and make life moredifficult for leaf-eating insects ( Eщ). To live in the forest, animals must climb, jump, or flyacross the branches and trees. The ground floor of the forest is not all leaves and bushes, likein films, but is actually fairly elear. It is where leaves become food for the trees and otherforest Life.

Rainforests around the world are disappearing at a high speed. A few thousand years ago,rainforests covered as much as 12% of the land surface on Earth, but today this has fallen toless than 5.3% . We hope that the world govemments work together with scientists to use theirpower and knowledge to keep the rainforests for our existence.

43. According to the text, we can find rainforests in______.

A. Britain B. Canada C. Thailand D.U.S.A.

44. Why are rainforests important to the world?

A. They are home to various kinds of plants and anmals.

B. They can lower the temperature around the Equator.

C. They can provide food for dfferent kinds of insects.

D. They produce the best wood for house building.

45. What can be seen in a rainforest according to the text?

A. The ground fioor is all covered by leaves and branches.

B. Tree diseases make life more difficult for leaf-eating insects.

C. Tall trees protect themselves from forest animals with their branches.

D. Leaves and branches of a tree never actually touch those of the other trees.

46. How much of the land surface on Earth is covered by rainforests?

A. Less than 5.3% .

B. Nearly 12% .

C. More than 50% .

D. Around 22.5%.


47. How many people on average would marry the same person again?

A.68%. B. 48%.c.42% . D.20%.

In which country are respondents over 45 more likely to feel happily matched than youngerpeople?

A. Canada. B. France. C. India. D. The U.S.

49. In which country do people get married younger than in most other countries?

A. China. B. Germany. C. Italy. D. The Philippines.

50. Which country has the lowest percentage of happy couples?

A. Australia. B. Spain. C. Malaysia. D. The Netherlands.



提示: Bill到商店买L号的黄村衫,得知该颜色村衫已售完,想看看蓝的。售货员说蓝色今年很流行,他试穿后决定买下。( Bil=B;Sopping Asistat=A)

A:Can 1 help you,. sir?

B:Yes. I'm loking for a yllow shirt.

A: 51 ?

B:Size L.

A:Sorry. The yellow ones of your size 52 .

B:It's a pity. Do you have that size in blue then?

A:Yes. Blue is 53 this year.

B:Well. 54 ?

A:Sure. look! I fits you well B:Yes, it does. 55 ?

A:150 yuan.

B:OK. I'll take it.







Dear Tom ,

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua















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